Friday, November 22, 2013

Eric Andre in Nashville, TN

The Eric Andre Show live in Nashville, TN at the Exit/In:

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Eric Andre Show @ the Exit/In

I'll get around to editing and posting some video tomorrow... for now enjoy the pics from the highly energetic, beautifully chaotic, Eric Andre Show in Nashville, TN.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Police State is alive and well in Nashville, TN

Nashville, TN

While driving through Bellevue yesterday, I took a sec to snap some pics of the growing Police State. The sign reads "METRO POLICE NASHVILLE DAVIDSON COUNTY WARNING THIS AREA UNDER POLICE SURVEILLANCE". The sign is standing in front of a neighborhood off of Fireside Drive near Chaffin's Barn Theatre and Krogers.

 Here's a better pic courtesy of

Does this really deter crime? Does it make any of the human beings living in that neighborhood safer? Did the neighborhood agree to allow the Police to place the sign and "hide out" on their streets to supposedly prevent crime? Where are the Police conducting these surveillance exercises? Are they parking their unmarked cars in their driveways or are they blocking the roadways in front of the houses? Perhaps, the Police are hiding beneath the sewer grates or in a trash can? You may think my questions sound absurd. Ask yourself what are the consequences of the growing Police State and erosion of our natural rights? I drove through the neighborhood. The houses are nice, the lawns are green and manicured, and saw friendly people walking their dogs and playing with their kids in their yards. I saw no cops, no unmarked vehicles, or any other signs of Police Surveillance. I wonder if the residents of the neighborhood are concerned of how the Police State Signs affect the perception of their neighborhood? If you were shopping for a new home for your family that sign would probably deter you from choosing a home in that neighborhood. You would assume it is ridden with crime and constantly patrolled by the Police. Who wants to live and breathe in an area like that? The real estate market and the economy continues to falter and the watchful eye of Big Brother will not help anyone trying to sell their home in the above mentioned neighborhood.

What's the solution? The community should come together and agree upon various tactics to discourage criminals from pillaging their homes.

Here's what other communities are doing across America... with faster response times and reduction in crimes at a reduced cost in comparison to the "help" that the State forcibly provides via taxation. Recall that taxation is theft. Don't think so? Try not paying your taxes. Strangers in black uniforms and shiny badges with guns will come and arrest you and lock you in a cage like an animal for not paying your "fair share".

Check out the solutions being employed in the crumbling city of Detroit:

"The Threat Management Center is making the world safer by denying the opportunity for violence to occur.  By using tactical psychology, tactical law, and tactical skills, we create conditions which, by design, are not conducive for violence.  V.I.P.E.R.S. Threat Management emphasizes the use of deterrence, detection, and defense to achieve non-violent outcomes."

A neighborhood in Houston, TX hire Private Security to replace the poor results and slow response times provided to them by force from the local Houston Police Dept.:

Ultimately, these free market solutions will lead to a safer and more secure society. Empowering individuals, being free from coercion, and coming together as a neighborhood or community rather than have "solutions" dictated to you from strangers in costumes who somehow know better will win out in the end...

Finally, I ask you to watch Bob Murphy's in depth analysis of how Security would be provided in a truly Free Society:


Look What I Did performs at Lil Bohemia

check out Look What I Did's full set at a house show in Antioch,  TN...

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Blog Update

Sorry it's been while... Initially, this started out as a blog to record my adventures in liberty related activism. Although, I'm still interested and involved in liberty outings and such, I abhor politics. I picked up a new hobby: recording music videos with DSLR cameras. So, after some deep thought and soul searching I decided this blog is my personal blog... It doesn't have to adhere to any genre or subject.. Just a collection of videos I record, personal thoughts, and links that I enjoy and will hopefully encourage you to live a more free life.

keep up with my musings and observations here and there:

Hot new Nashville Band: Indulgist

I ventured out of my hobbit hole to record the new album release party for the band INDULGIST, hailing from Nashville, TN. I sincerely apologize for the inferior audio but you can still get the gist of their sound. Reminds me of Sunny Day Real Estate, Hum, Melvins, and Helmet...

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