3 Conditions that Need Total Hip Arthroplasty in Singapore

Total hip arthroplasty, also known as hip replacement surgery, is a procedure in which surgeons remove the patient’s damaged hip bone and cartilage. They then replace it with an artificial hip or prosthetic. While it sounds like an intimidating procedure, it can be life-changing for those who deal with chronic pain because of a hip injury. Patients may need total hip arthroplasty in Singapore for a variety of reasons. They may need it to cure a genetic condition or because of an accident that resulted in injury.

Here are three hip conditions that hip replacement surgery can treat.

1. Hip Dysplasia

People with hip dysplasia in Singapore are born with the condition, so it can be challenging to navigate and treat effectively. It occurs when your hips joint socket isn’t deep enough for the ball of the joint, so it can’t effectively hold it in place. Hip dysplasia can eventually damage the surrounding tissue and cause chronic pain and joint dislocation. Hip replacement surgery is necessary in extreme cases to preserve the patient’s quality of life.

2. Hip Osteoarthritis

One of the options for hip arthritis treatment is a total hip replacement. Most patients who choose to get hip replacement surgery suffer from hip osteoarthritis. It is a degenerative joint disease that develops as the patient ages. When someone has this condition, the cartilage that separates the ball from the socket has worn away, resulting in the bones grinding against each other. Bones also grow in outward spurs to compensate for the lost cartilage, resulting in chronic pain and stiffness. Hip replacement surgery is a standard solution to this problem so patients can live more comfortably.

3. Hip Fractures

Severe accidents can cause hip fractures in victims. Examples include car crashes or falling from a considerable height, especially if the victim lands sideways. Athletes can also fracture their hips from too much use. If the injury is severe enough, it could warrant a total hip arthroplasty in Singapore. Surgeons usually recommend this option if the blood supply leading to the ball part of the joint is damaged because of the fracture, as the damage could cause the injury to heal improperly.

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