3 Tips to Boost Commercial Videography Gigs in Singapore

Overly expensive videography tools aren’t crucial to producing a polished, professional-looking film. By paying attention to a few key details that may not be obvious at first, you can enhance your videography experience.

You can use these videography tips when shooting an elaborate production for top production houses in Singapore or simply making a vlog that your audience can enjoy.

1. Make a detailed plan for your photo shoot.

In the case of a music video, commercial, or small video content editing and creation services, you’ll be able to plan your entire video production from beginning to end. Create your storyboard, complete with illustrations depicting your scenes in order, and you’ll be able to pull it off like the pros. It will help you visualise your final footage and outline your desired shots. When filming and editing, it will guide you and help you decide on the best time of day, locations, and the best cameras to use.

2. Make sure the lighting in the studio is adequate.

Using lighting to tell a story makes video content and creation services more professional. When conceptualising, be deliberate with light. Plan your lighting to meet your needs. If you’re on a budget and limited to existing light sources (like candles, lamps and the sun), customise them to fit your scene.

3. Tell a good story.

One of the common reasons viewers lose interest in a video is a lack of story. Images and short video clips can be used to make powerful statements in commercial videography in Singapore, and tell funny stories or poignant observations about human nature, all with just a few seconds of footage. When photographing, shift your focus from one subject to another or use interesting light to add drama. Make the audience feel something by incorporating strong emotions into the story. Choose a subject matter that people can identify with. Finish with a resolution or at least a conflict.

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