5 Best Corporate Team Building Events

Getting colleagues out of the office and into nature boosts team bonding and promotes communication. Plus, the competitive element of corporate team building events encourages motivation.

Ask your employees to take a break from work and play this fun trivia game that can help them find common interests. This activity also encourages teamwork and problem-solving skills.

TED Talks

Bringing together remote employees for a fun team bonding activity requires an event that’s more than just hopping on a Zoom call. These hybrid events keep participants engaged by mixing up the pace with a mix of games and challenges.

TED Talks are short, powerful presentations that focus on certain topics. These talks started in 1984 as a conference about technology, entertainment, and design and now cover everything from global issues to science.


Corporate team building events that get people out of their chairs and away from Slack messages and Zoom calls is a big win. Whether hiking, biking, or taking a virtual trip abroad, these in-person events offer opportunities to strengthen team communication skills.

Achieving new goals together and feeling that adrenaline rush can bring your team closer than ever. These events also flex team problem-solving and leadership muscles.

Winter Holidays

Whether you’re celebrating the holidays, recognizing team members, or just trying to build a strong culture, these virtual events will make an impact.

These online activities are quick to set up and run asynchronously, so distributed teams can play together without blocking time in their calendars. These games are also a good fit for teams on tight budgets.

Horseback riding

Overcoming fears and sharing a rush of adrenaline will bring your team together like nothing else. Plus, it’s a great way to discover your next leaders.

With horseback riding, your team learns to communicate through body language and movement. These skills translate well to everyday workplace communication. It also builds confidence and self-esteem. This is a great event for teams of any size.


A mockumentary, or fake documentary, is a humorous film or TV show. Examples include Monty Python’s infamous mockumentary about spaghetti trees, the Canadian comedy series Trailer Park Boys, and Christopher Guest’s film Mascots.

Virtual team bonding activities allow colleagues to connect asynchronously without blocking their calendars. Using fun games with a dose of healthy competition helps encourage the most reserved employees to participate.

Charcuterie Board

Team-building events that get people to shift their perspectives can be satisfying and transformative. This event develops communication skills and collaboration while encouraging a positive sense of social responsibility.

This experience allows teams to bond over their love of food and philanthropy. This turnkey activity can be hosted physically or virtually and customized for any number of participants.

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are a team favorite because they encourage teammates to work together. They also help employees develop their communication skills.

Get your team to bond with this exciting group activity by playing hide and seek. The perfect icebreaker helps colleagues get to know one another more personally. It also builds trust and strengthens relationships.


When teams are ready for a spooky and interactive experience, Werewolf is a great way to bring everyone together. This game helps teams unpack their creativity, problem-solving skills, and trust. Plus, it’s a lot of fun! Find out who among your team members can’t control their giggles. It’s a game of survival. Who will win? You’ll only know at the end.

Art Gallery Scavenger Hunt

A great Zoom icebreaker to break up monotony, this virtual team-building game gets your distributed team laughing together and builds better connections. Travel through the decades, answering pop culture-themed questions in this fast-paced, lively virtual experience.

Give your remote team the gift of learning to see things from new perspectives with this art gallery scavenger hunt. This creative event challenges off-the-cuff judgments to strengthen mental muscles that fuel open-mindedness.

City Bike Ride

With team budgets tightening, finding great ideas that will allow your teams to connect in person without breaking the bank is essential. These events offer top-tier experiences in a low-cost way, so all your employees can participate.

These virtual activities help distributed teams log on to a shared Zoom call and compete with each other in interactive games and challenges. They’re easy to learn and fast-paced, perfect for all types of groups!