5 Power Purchase Plans Offered by Electricity Providers

There are five different sorts of plans available for your power supply. Select one that meets your requirements. It is crucial to note that not all electricity providers on the island clearly show their charges. Hence, it is necessary to consult with a representative. Here are the five types of power plans you can afford.

#1 SP Group: Prevailing Electricity Tariff

Consumers can stay with Singapore Power (SP) Group as their primary option. You will pay the current power tariff, which will be modified every quarter.

#2 Standard Fixed Price

In a standard fixed pricing plan, the power provider in Singapore will charge a fixed electricity rate. In that case, you will pay the same rate for the contract term. For the most part, such programmes are appropriate for customers who seek greater predictability in their monthly power price.

#3 Standard Discounted Regulated Tariff

The power provider in Singapore may give a set reduction off the current electricity tariff for your benefit. Explore such arrangements when you are uncertain about the direction of the power tariff. Despite this, you still want to save money compared to the prevailing electricity tariff.

#4 Non-Standard Price

There exist plans that do not adhere to the typical price scheme of any electricity provider in Singapore. Some plans base their pricing on the time of day. Hence, you must understand your consumption behaviour to maximise its worth.

#5 Wholesale Electricity

Finally, you may purchase power at wholesale rates from electricity providers. In reality, all electrical merchants will buy electricity at this cost. In this instance, you will be subject to a significant increase in power rates at any given half-hour. You can compare this against the savings you may receive in exchange.

Union Power is a power company that collaborates with the Energy Market Authority (EMA). Its goal is to help businesses and people manage their energy bills more efficiently and effectively. Thoroughly learn about all your options before signing any power purchase agreement from providers in Singapore. Visit their website for more information.