A Guide to Choosing the Best Child & Infant Care Centres in Singapore

Look for a childcare centre in Singapore that understands what matters to childcare. They should offer a supportive, engaging, and safe environment staffed by caring, trained early learning experts. A high-quality early learning centre combined with a supportive home atmosphere is ideal for your child. Carers and educators should engage children in activities and stimuli that satisfy their need for knowledge due to their rapid growth.

8 Factors to Consider in a Childcare Centre

Choosing the best daycare centre for your child might be challenging. Most institutions are warm and secure settings staffed by experts who genuinely care about your child’s growth. Here are eight pointers to help pick the best child or infant care around Singapore.

#1 Environment for Play & Learning

The atmosphere and environment of a childcare centre in Singapore are two of the most significant factors to consider for your selection. Select a place that is clean and well-kept. A crucial element for selecting a school is its exceptional security measures to protect its pupils. It should include outdoor areas such as playgrounds and classrooms, not only buildings.

#2 Programmes& Initiatives

Look for a childcare centre in Singapore that provides excellent programmes and activities. If your child is interested in art and craft projects, look for a preschool that offers an arts and crafts programme. If kids enjoy reading, look for a daycare that has a current book selection. Supporting and cultivating their interests is crucial to their enjoyment of attending school.

#3 Carers& Educators

Learning the educational backgrounds of the carers and educators working for the childcare centre in Woodlands or other parts of the island is critical. Educators with the appropriate credentials will have better knowledge and expertise while working with youngsters. They may also serve as role models, teaching children life skills such as interpersonal communication and creative thinking.

#4 Class Structure & Routine

The routines and rules a childcare centre in Singapore implements create a solid foundation for their education. Outdoor activities and events, including field excursions and cultural programmes, may be prioritised at some centres. Other centres may place a greater emphasis on enhancing the quality of education provided to their students.

#7 Fair Costs

Costs are always a significant factor in the decision process, even more for selecting a childcare centre in Singapore. Some education packages have more substantial fees attached to them. You may want to look into other options, such as after-school care or home based learning for infants and toddlers, to save money without sacrificing education.

#8 Staff to Children Ratio

The ratio between carer& educators is a significant factor to consider in your selection process. The best child or infant care institutions around Singapore should maintain a 1:6 teacher-student ratio. It ensures the children receive adequate attention whilst in their care.


7 Tips for Choosing a Childcare Centre

A childcare centre in Singapore is an institution that looks after children while parents are at work. The kind of care given at these institutions varies, but most include education, food, and secure space for children to play.

Here are some tips for finding the best child or infant care institution around Singapore.

#1 Government or Private Owned

The Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sport (MCYS) is in charge of establishing childcare centres in Singapore. Every childcare centre around the island must get a licence and adhere to all MCYS rules. Although MCYS has established criteria, daycare centres are free to construct their curriculum.

#2 Location

Decide where the child care centre should be closer to, your home or workplace. It will make dropping off and picking up your child more efficient. The best child and infant care centre around Singapore should be easily accessible and handy for you and your spouse.

#3 Operating Licence

After determining a childcare centre in Singapore is in the most accessible or convenient area, pay them a personal visit. Examine their facility and ask the administrator whether it has a licence. They should receive accreditation from a government agency or organisation. It is also a good idea to find out how many children the centre can look after.

#4 Reputation

Inquire with other parents about the reputation of a childcare centre in Singapore you are considering. Run a background check to see if there have been any complaints or accusations of negligence filed against the daycare centre.

#5 Curricula

Learn more about the teaching technique of every prospective childcare centre in Singapore you find. Acquire information about the many curricula that will be appropriate for your child. That is one of the best ways to determine whether the curriculums offered by child or infant centres around the island will benefit their development.

#6 Learning Environment

Assess the whole ambience as you go around a childcare centre in Singapore. Determine if the environment they provide is safe and nurturing for children. Also, attempt to visit the childcare centre with your child to see whether they feel at ease once they enter the campus or facility.

#7 Safe Facility

Research the approach to child protection at a childcare centre in Singapore practice if you must leave your child at the facility. Learn their emergency or evacuation plan in the event of a fire or earthquake. Determine where they store cleaning and hazardous supplies to keep them out of reach of children. Check if they child-proof their classrooms and use kid-friendly materials and equipment. Ask if they have appropriate medical supplies and apparatus available in an emergency. Moreover, it is also crucial to check if the facility has a working CCTV surveillance system.

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