Aruba Instant On AP17 vs Aruba Instant- What Are The Differences?

Aruba Instant on AP17 is an outdoor access to Wi-Fi reliability. The HPE Aruba Instant On AP17 outdoor networking allows you to meet with your customers. Wherever they are, the networking of Instant on AP17 provide you the benefits to extend Wi-Fi outdoors to meet the customers. Also, this Wi-Fi has a durable, reliable, and weatherproof case that can withstand any outdoor conditions and weather, including the weather like wind, rain, and snow. So, this system of connecting networks can help people perform their routine functions or business without any interruption like normal days. No matter what the nature and weather calls are!

Whereas, Aruba Instant is software provided by the enterprise Instant APs. They provide the best and most professional networking solutions. They provide instant and easy networking solutions along with an easy step and a simple setup. Aruba instant virtualizes and enhances the capabilities of mobility and networking. Moreover, they provide intelligence and enterprise-grade solutions even like HPE Aruba instant on Ap17.

Both have the same function of providing good networking solutions. But they differ as per business needs, and demands. The main differences between this Aruba Instant on AP17 and Aruba Instant are as follows:

  • Size And Scale Of Functioning

Aruba Instant on AP17 is a suitable choice for small and medium-sized businesses for high performance. Whereas, Aruba Instant Wi-Fi networking access is a suitable choice for large-scale business.

  • Managing And Monitoring Type

HPE Aruba Instant on AP17  allows the business to contact the customers easily. Because this networking solution extends Wi-Fi to outdoor locations. Like, if connected to a restaurant, it will provide access points to outdoor café, poolside, and more. Whereas, Aruba Instant can manage and monitor to a short area and is ideal for indoor locations.


Aruba Instant On AP17 and Aruba Instant is a good enterprise-grade Wi-Fi network solution. They both provide fast and flawless networking and connectivity to multiple devices and applications. Moreover, they provide solutions of easy to operate, manage, and monitor. The Aruba Instant on AP17 is specially designed to cover indoor and outdoor access for large spaces. It gives a smooth in-room Wi-Fi experience along with a cost-effective networking solution. For today’s dynamic and uncertain commercial environment, this is a perfect Wi-Fi solution. This HPE Aruba instant on AP17 can be easily operated, managed, and monitored through mobile fulfilling other security demands.