Benefits of Rugby Festivals 2023


A rugby festival might serve as an ideal focus point for your rugby excursion. Burleigh Travel offers a range of rugby festivals in a variety of locations for this and next season, each combining accommodation tailored to the age of your squad and participation in well-run established competitions with whom we have worked for many years.

Playing rugby union may greatly improve health and wellbeing. According to the article published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, potential advantages include a lower risk of type 2 diabetes, certain malignancies, stroke, heart disease, and depression.

Rugby Festivals for Minis, Juniors, and Colts

Our Mini, Junior, and Youth Rugby Festivals provide a variety of intriguing venues for your next rugby excursion. The bulk of the mentioned rugby festivals are held at high-quality vacation parks with a variety of activities to keep your players amused away from the rugby field.

Key skills that children may learn through rugby that will benefit them both on and off the field of play.

With conflicting messages disseminated by multiple news channels every day, it can be difficult to determine the facts about what leads to childhood obesity. To avoid it, one thing is certain: promoting activity is essential.

Participating in school sports tours that children like not only keeps them active and healthy, but also allows them to acquire crucial skills that they will need throughout their lives.

As a rugby coach, you are responsible to the youngsters you are training, from getting them engaged in the game to making sure they enjoy the time they spend practising.

Benefits for Minis, Juniors, and Colts attending the 2022 Rugby Festival

  1. How to Participate in a Team Sport

The capacity to operate as part of a team is something that is expected of us throughout our lives, and the sooner children understand the value of teamwork, the better.

Rugby may teach youngsters how to work with others rather than constantly putting themselves first, from not hogging the ball to surrendering their own moment in the limelight in favour of the team.

Coaching tip: Try dividing players into separate groups so that they may play with different people. This will educate kids to work with youngsters of different skills and backgrounds, not just their closest pals.

  1. Paying Attention to Instructions

Children will be expected to listen to and follow directions in a variety of situations as they grow older. From following safety instructions to receiving feedback from their supervisor, it is critical that all children learn how to listen to and follow directions in order to prepare them for later life.

It might be tough to be authoritative without being threatening as a coach, but by teaching the youngsters you’re training how to follow exact directions, you’ll be preparing them for more challenging settings later.

Coaching tip: Shouting isn’t always the most effective approach to teach kids to listen. Listen to them and collaborate to attain the greatest results.

  1. How to Boost Confidence

The excitement of leading the teams to victory cannot be duplicated, and it is an excellent method to develop confidence in young players.

When it comes to honouring man of the match or giving out accolades, avoid selecting the same players every time.

Consider who has made a little but substantial contribution to the game. This will teach your players that you don’t have to score the most tries or be the centre of attention to be an important member of a team.

Coaching tip: Install confidence in your players by listening to their ideas and allowing them to explore.

Daily Activities Included

As part of their trip package, each participant will enjoy a variety of thrilling everyday activities such as abseiling, archery, huge swing, and zip-wire. These will be customised to your rugby needs.

As well as Evening Activities

We understand how tough it can be to keep your group amused in the evenings, so you’ll be glad to hear that your weekend programme will also include an evening activity programme for players each night, which will be a wonderful opportunity for team building and fun.

Campfires, capture the flag, and sports night are among the activities.


Another significant advantage of this choice is that all meals are included in the trip price. So you won’t have to deal with the hassle of trying to find huge locations that can accommodate your gathering. Meals are freshly prepared, balanced, and will provide your team with enough energy to keep them going throughout the day while playing rugby