Boost Your Company’s Visibility With Strategic Use Of Social Media

The posts you already have on your Facebook Page can be turned into advertisements using the “Boost Post” feature. You can increase your number of messages, video views, leads, and calls by boosting a post in the marketplace. People who aren’t already following your Page or business but are likely to be interested in what you offer could be exposed to it.

Advertise Your Company To More People.

You may choose exactly who sees your promoted post or Page when you boost it. Select the people you already know who will like your Page, and then invite their friends or an entirely new audience.

Develop A Financial Plan.

You set the budget for the boost or promotion, and we will always be at most that amount. The daily cost of promoting a post is equal to the budget you choose. Depending on your target demographic and advertising budget, you may spend only some of your daily allotment.

You Can Give The Pages Manager App A Shot.

Your Pages Manager software also includes promoting posts and making advertisements. To boost or promote your post on your mobile device, press the respective button.

Guide To Creating Boosted Ads

To promote a post on your old or new Facebook page:

Step 1: log in to your Facebook account.

Step 2: Locate the article you wish to promote. A job listing, an announcement of an upcoming event, or a video upload all fit within this category.

Step 3: Pick the option to promote the post. You’ve got a link to it in the very right-hand corner of your message. Please note that if the Boost Post option is grayed out, it may not be possible to boost this particular post.

Choose The Desired Outcomes Of Your Advertisement. 

Step 4: You have the option of letting Facebook pick a reasonable goal for you based on your settings or picking one yourself.

Step 5: Complete your ad’s information. We’ll pull text and images from your post automatically, but you get to decide on the following:

  • Decide whether to cater to a suggested demographic or develop a new one by focusing on observable characteristics. Please be aware that targeting choices may be constrained if your ad falls under the Special category.
  • Choose from suggested amounts or enter your sum for the total budget.
  • Choose a time frame from the drop-down menu or enter a custom end date.
  • Payment Method Review your payment method. In the event that you need to update or alter your current mode of payment, you can do so.

Step 6: Select Boost ads (ยิงแอด, which is the term in Thai) now after you’re done with it.