Davit Arm Rescue System – Another Great Way To Save A Life

Davit Rescue Systems are designed to provide a safe and effective method of rescuing people from the water. The Davit Arm Rescue System is an excellent option for vessels that do not have the space or weight capacity for a dedicated rescue boat or lifeboat.

The Davit Rescue System is an important addition to any vessel with a hard top, as it allows you to quickly lower your rescue equipment into the water without having to leave the safety of your vessel. The system can be fitted with many different types of rescue equipment, including; Davit Arms, Life Rings, Flotation Devices and Throw Lines.

The Davit Arm System can be fitted easily to most boats; this includes yachts, trawlers, fishing vessels etc. The system consists of two main components: The Davit Arm itself and the winch that drives it.

How Does It Work?

Davit rescue systems are used to lower a person from a height. The system consists of a base, which is positioned on the vessel and connected to the mooring or anchor line. The rescue sling is rigged onto the base and attached to the person being rescued. The winch operator then lowers the person down using the winch controls.

The Davit arm system is designed for use by both professional rescuers and non-professionals. It allows non-professionals to lower themselves or others from a height with ease while allowing professionals to perform rescues in a safe way.

The Davit arm rescue system is made up of several components:

  • The Davit Arm – This is the main component of the system, and it is comprised of a winch, a roller, an outboard motor and a pulley that can be used to lift and lower the boat. The davit arm can be customised with different features depending on your needs and budget.
  • The Guide Rail – This is what connects the boat to the davit arm in order to allow for easy movement of the boat during rescue operations.
  • The Wire Rope Or Chain – The wire rope or chain is attached to both ends of the boat so that it can be easily moved around during rescue operations.

What Are Some Features Of The Davit Arm Rescue System?

The Davit rescue system is a direct response to the need for a high-capacity, adaptable solution for rescuing people from watercraft. It’s built to last and can handle almost any situation that may arise. Here are some of the features you can expect:

  • Designed To Be Simple And Easy To Use: The Davit Rescue System is designed in such a way that it can be used easily by anyone on board the vessel, even if they have no prior experience with it. The design makes it possible for even those who have not been trained on how to use this device can do so without any problems or complications.
  • Low Maintenance Requirements: The Davit Rescue System does not require much maintenance work or any special attention while being used. This ensures that you do not have to worry about having it repaired or maintained often as compared to other rescue systems available in the market today.
  • Rigid Construction: The main purpose of a davit arm rescue system is to lift people overboard in a quick, efficient manner. If the arm is not rigid enough, it may bend under pressure and cause injury to those being rescued. It should also be able to withstand ocean currents and other elements that may make use difficult or dangerous.
  • Adjustable Length: There will be times when you do not need all of the lengths that come with a longer davit arm. In situations like these, it is important to have an adjustable length option so that you can reduce its length when necessary without having to buy multiple pieces of equipment for different situations.
  • Self-Deploying System: This type of davit rescue system has a self-deploying feature which means that once you activate it, it will automatically pull out your victim from the water without requiring any assistance from you or anyone else on board your vessel or boat. This makes it an ideal choice for those who want to be able to quickly get someone out of the water without having to wait around for someone else to help them do so.


The Davit arm rescue system is a great tool to save lives with minimum impact and at a reasonable cost. In long-distance offshore transfers or when time loss is critical, the Davit system acts as a lifesaver.