Factors to consider when choosing the best coffee grinder

There are many good reasons for grinding your coffee beans. One is to brew fresher coffee than readily offered, get better flavors extracted, get the perfect grind, and consume only what you need. With finer self-ground coffee beans, espresso shots can be way better. 

In fact, grinding your coffee beans is the only way to ensure aromatic and flavorful coffee. A coffee grinder such as the Eureka coffee grinders gives an excellent coffee aroma. It allows people to reduce spare ground coffee, which can oxidize over time. It causes decreases the rich taste and freshness of the ground coffee. When buying a coffee grinder, some basic factors need to be considered:

Burr or Blade 

The two common types of espresso grinders are the burr and blade types. A burr grinder operates manually using just a push of a power button. A motor rotates the blades and grinds coffee beans, there is no control for speed, but users can control how long it can grind. It’s cheap and easy to operate. However, the rotation of the blades can produce heat that can decrease the aroma and flavor of the coffee. Burr grinders, on the other hand, produce finer coffee dusts than blade grinders. There are two types, flat and conical. Flat burr grinders use centrifugal force and two parallel flat blades to crush beans on a finer powder. The conical burr grinders use two bars in a conical shape and just the gravity force to grind the beans. A bar rotates while the other is stationary. 

With doser or no doser

The main use of doser is to capture the right amount of ground coffee proportioning to a portafilter. A doser ensures that the amount of ground coffee is suitable for multiple espresso shots. For commercial purposes, having a grinder with doser is an excellent option. For home use, however, a doser is not necessary. Unless in need of making at least six shots in a row when entertaining guests. 


The prices of a specific grinder like Eureka coffee grinderswill depend on the grinder size, the motor, and blade type or burr type. Most of the time, the higher the price of a coffee grinder, the better the quality. Buying the cheapest might only cause mire expenses, for it has a shorter life span. The price of a coffee grinder is usually 30 to 50% of the cost of the espresso machine.

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