Finding wholesale suppliers for gardening aprons

Gardening is an affordable and enjoyable hobby especially for older persons, and helps people relax. Hence increasingly people are spending their free time gardening growing a variety of plants and herbs. Hence increasingly nurseries, stores selling hardware and gardening supplies are interested in finding reliable suppliers of gardening aprons so that they place bulk orders for these aprons. There are a large number of companies worldwide selling these aprons, and some of the considerations for choosing one or more wholesale supplier of gardening aprons is discussed to help buyers make the right choice.


Before choosing a wholesale supplier for gardening aprons, it is important to understand the reason why people wish to wear a gardening apron. While growing or transplanting the plants, the gardener often has to dig the soil and the wet soil will often splatter on the clothes. The chemical composition of the soil is not usually known, and it is often difficult to remove the stains from the clothes, especially if they are white or light colored. So instead of wasting time removing stains or discarding the expensive stained clothes, most people are preferring to wear an apron which will protect the clothes they wear from mud and other gardening related stains.


There are a large number of suppliers for gardening aprons worldwide, and these aprons differ in their design, size and material used. Depending on the preferences of the person wearing the apron, time spent gardening and the plants which are grown a suitable apron should be selected . It is important to ensure that the apron can be easily worn and removed. Usually most of the aprons have one or more straps so that the person can wear it properly, it does not fall off. A neck belt is also provided. The gardening apron will also have several pockets so that the user can store different items in the pockets conveniently for easily retrieval. The size and shape of these pockets will differ depending on the apron type.


One of the most important considerations while choosing an apron is the material which is used. Usually the apron is made from canvas which is strong and durable enough to hold the different items kept in the apron like trimmers and other gardening tools. Some of the aprons also have a nylon lining, so that the clothes of the user do not become wet, even if water falls on the apron. Some of the aprons are designed so that all the dirt can be easily removed by washing the apron using the water hose from the garden, while in other cases, the apron can be washed in the washing machine, after removed all the items in the apron.

Color and size

Most of the aprons are dark in color, with brown, green being the popular option since the dirt and stains will be less visible. The full size aprons covering the entire torso which are suitable for gardeners who will be collecting the produce from their garden and storing it in the apron. However, it is more difficult to bend with larger aprons, so some prefer smaller aprons which they wear on their waist.