For Small Businesses, Get Started with TMS System Now

Shipping products or goods have been existing since the 15th century. History has shown us that trading plays a significant role in early commerce and culture exchange. Fast forward to today’s time, shipping still exists due to the popularity of online shopping through Shopee, Lazada, Shein, Amazon, and other sellers, whether locally or internationally. Not only this, but the process of shipping has also changed from manual work to a more advanced system by using transportation management software.

The modern world makes everything convenient, and as a result, customers have higher expectations of business performance. A delay can even cause a bad name for your company! There’s no room for mistakes. That’s why as a business owner, you need to be more knowledgeable about using advanced systems and how they can help your company prosper. So, let this article introduce you to the transportation management or TMS system.

What is a Transportation Management System?

Transportation management software is a platform where businesses can manage their performance with technological uses. This app can execute your plans, track orders, improve goods transportation and documentation, and help you comply with the local and international freight guidelines.

The platform also helps you with day-to-day operations if you’re wondering how. The TMS system can help you by documenting the delivery, saving information and documentation, and managing the transportation through the land, air, and sea.

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Who Uses The TMS System?

The businesses that use the TMS system are the ones that need to move, deliver, and receive goods daily. Although nowadays, almost all fields, from medical to construction, use a transportation system due to the influence of globalisation. It helped businesses, corporations, institutions, and individuals to reach more products offered internationally and not only locally. Here are some people or companies who take the most benefit from the TMS system.

  • Online sellers
  • Shoppers
  • Manufacturers
  • Ecommerce companies
  • Retail businesses
  • Big corporations
  • Logistic companies

Now, if you’re wondering: How can I take advantage of this transportation management platform if I have a small business? Don’t worry! You can still use this and manage to grow your company.



 How Can a TMS System Help Small Businesses?

Small businesses can use transportation management software with the help of IT professionals. If you’re just starting, you can look for a company to help you implement this modern system of tracking orders. It’s a good investment for your company. The only thing you need to master is how to utilise it. So, let this section help you get started with the TMS system.

1) Track Deliveries in Real Time

As a start-up business owner, you must impress your customers with good customer service. Otherwise, you wouldn’t gain recognition from people. You will end up getting stuck in your situation. So, suppose you’re a newcomer in the business industry. In that case, you must give your business all the needed resources, including the transportation management platform, where you can track deliveries in real-time.

It can provide information about the delivery route, so you can update your customers to tell them about the whereabouts of their orders. On top of this, you will also ease their anxieties when inquiring about their charges. Can you imagine what they would feel if you replied: we’re not sure, just wait for your order. You will surely enrage the customers!

2) Customer Access to Shipment Information

Aside from letting the customers ask you for updates, why not allow them to access the shipment information? Luckily, you can do this with the TMS system because they can see the date and location of their orders. They will get a notification if there is a delay in the delivery due to traffic, accident, or other causes. And hopefully, the customers will understand the situation before raising the issue that may affect your company’s image.

For this reason, it can give your customers more positive reviews and encourage others to support your business. You will gain new buyers and support the financial growth of your business in the long run.

3) Decluttered Storage System

With the fast transaction of deliveries and goods, you’ll also easily manage your inventory or storage system. You’ll avoid cluttering your stockroom and getting confused with the orders from your customers. That’s why it’s an investment to implement the transportation management platform with a logistics service provider in Singapore.

You can be more efficient when handling customer orders with an organised system. Plus, you can put more items in your stockroom when you need to add more products for your business. For sure, there will be an increased demand from your customers so better prepare your stockroom by organising it.

4) Helps With Your Business Plan

With a TMS system, you can strategise for your business plan. The transportation management software allows you to access information that can help you make a good choice. It is because you can know the information in every step of your supply chain, from efficiency to distance.

It can also provide information on whether you’ll experience delays and plan for alternative solutions to deliver the products to the buyers on time.

5) Help With Business Plan Execution

Since you have the needed information, you can now execute your business plan accurately to help your business grow. Through this, you can communicate with couriers, freight management, and the logistics service provider in Singapore. You can also manage your freight bills and other financial transactions with accuracy.

You can handle complex documentation and comply with international standards with well-planned business execution. It can help your business prosper and may stabilise your foundation for success.

6) Fewer Delays

In business, time is also money. Delays can cause you financial loss and affect your company’s reputation. Fortunately, you can use the TMS system to be more time-efficient. With this, you can meet your customers’ expectations and may recommend your business to others too. It will also lead to fast actions and on-time delivery.

You can improve your business performance with Cargobase, a logistics service provider in Singapore. Visit their website to know more about how the transportation management platformhelps your small business grow.