How to Avoid a Bad T Shirt Printing Company in Singapore

Clothing comes in many diverse shapes, colours, sizes, styles, and forms. The art of clothing has been around for many millennia. We can tie the clothes we wear with our society, culture, and way of life. They also describe us as individuals. Clothes can tell us about someone’s personality. People can use clothes to send a message, deliver important ideas, or appear a certain way to others. It is no wonder that clothing is used by businesses, too. Businesses use clothing and other accessories for a wide variety of purposes. Nowadays, a company can even request t shirt printing services for their business operations.

Clothing and businesses go hand in hand. Corporate and business attire exists because companies want to portray a certain image to others. Dress codes are important to many businesses as well because uniformity helps workers to blend in. Some even invest money into personalising the work outfits of employees. Clothes also serve a purpose in making workers’ everyday tasks more convenient. Since the employee is an important asset of the business, companies also require them to model after the brand image. Some other companies also use clothes as a way to market and interact with people outside of their business.

One of the most crucial reasons for utilising clothing in all these ways is how customisable they are. In today’s era, clothing brands mass-produce and market all sorts of clothes. Clothing is now cheaper than ever and comes in a delightful variety of styles and designs. But a business might need more specific and precise designs for their shirts and other garments.

Thankfully, there are ways for businesses to customise shirts without starting from scratch or compromising the quality of the clothing. Corporate shirt printing is one service that any company might appreciate. It allows for the affordable production of multiple shirts with unique designs.

What is shirt printing?


Clothing has become more affordable to purchase and create. Visit a thrift store and you might see great finds that are the cost of a single meal in Singapore. Shirts are some of the cheapest, most casual, and dynamic clothing pieces you can wear. It is no wonder that it is also one of the most customisable pieces. A blank shirt is a canvas for putting logos and art. Many businesses also use great quality shirts to make their custom uniforms.

Shirt printing is an art form. T-shirt printing refers to the process of putting prints on shirts. Prints on a logo can come in many forms. Some can be logos, other times prints can be simple letterings. Other shirt prints can be complex images that take time to print.

While a customised shirt print might be more costly than the average printed tee, they are more valuable to a business. Companies rely on excellent corporate t shirt printing services in Singapore when they need special event shirts for their participants, as giveaways to attendees for marketing purposes, or as a way to supply affordable uniforms and garments to their workers.

If this is your first time printing a shirt as a business owner, then you should be wary of the entire process of creating your garments. Assuming that you are not only creating one customised shirt but a group of them for your entire team, division, or company, you will probably invest a considerable amount into creating your shirts.

The first step to creating your company printed t shirts is to assess the viability of the company that will provide your services. Forget about the quality of their shirts first and focus solely on the service they provide. Here are a few ways you can find the best company for your needs.

1) Look at the review and testimonies of the shirt printing company. It is vital to know what people are saying about their services because it tells you about their print quality and how they handle concerns. If you plan to get a printing service (or any type of service), check out the way they handle requests from other clients. If some concerns look consistent, you may be better off looking elsewhere.

2) Always discuss the price of your services and products upfront. Before you hire a printing company for your shirts, both parties should be clear on cost breakdowns and services expected. You do not want to be surprised by large and unexpected costs when you finish the production cycle. When you are asking for a large volume of shirts to be made, some companies offer bulk discounts and more. Certain print types are also more expensive. Discuss your options at length with the service provider.

3) Narrow down your options according to your demand. Larger printing companies usually do not take smaller orders. If you want to make a single shirt for a friend, for example, you are better off looking at a custom gift shop. Some printing companies might offer printing techniques and services that other companies might not offer. Corporate shirt printing is usually done in bulk sizes, so choose carefully. You can narrow down your options if you know what you are looking for.

4) Check the return policy of the company. Finally, one of the most important details to remember is to carefully read through the sellers’ return policy. You cannot eliminate the risk of a mistake happening in the printing process. However, when you are talking about hundreds or thousands of shirts with a printing error, you have to tread wisely. Make sure you align with their policy regarding returns and refunds. Having to reprint hundreds of shirts is costly and time-consuming.

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