How To Choose Your CSR Charity Organisation Partner In Singapore

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a practice or concept where the business plays a positive role in the community and is socially accountable by contributing activities that will benefit the community and the environment or integrating them into their daily business operations. A business is free to choose its CSR program in Singapore.

Most businesses find a partner charity organisation in Singapore they can support as part of their CSR initiatives.

Here are some tips on how to find a charity organisation for CSR:


There are several types of organisations. If you are pro-environment, you can pick an environmental group to help. If you value the welfare of kids, you can choose a children’s charity to support in Singapore.

It all depends on your advocacy and connection. Sometimes entrepreneurs seek a charity that has personal meaning to them. For example, an entrepreneur who is also a single mum supports organisations that help other single mums with livelihood training.


Besides a personal choice, you can also ask your staff about the social cause they want to be involved in. They will be more willing to help and contribute when the charity they are supporting has personal meaning to them.


Now that you have found an organisation that aligns with your advocacy, the next step is to look for transparency. As a donor or sponsor, you want to ensure that the money or materials you donate will be given to eligible and legitimate recipients and not misused by the charity’s management.

Generally, these charities submit reports or breakdowns of donations and how they were spent or distributed. It is the reflection of their commitment to transparency.


There is a certain level of involvement when it comes to helping a children’s charity in Singapore. For example, some businesses opt to sponsor a party for children in cancer hospitals. This one-time event can put a smile on children even if it is just one day. Some businesses fund two to five chemotherapy sessions for five children with cancer patients.

Not all involvement is all about money. For instance, a logistics company can provide cars or buses for cancer patients during field trips. Or they can also donate books, clothes, and other material essentials to the patients.

These are some tips for choosing a charity organisation for your CSR in Singapore. Use these tips to find the right partner charity organisation for your CSR program.

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