How to Select the Right Stand Up Paddle Board For Women

Any paddleboard that is perfect for men can also be used by women. However, there are some types of addle boards and specific sizes that appeal more to women. Most women prefer lightweight SUPs while others want boards that guarantee high performance. The choice of Honu paddleboards for women will largely depend on the construction of the board, the skill level, activity type, and the water conditions. Here are a few factors for choosing the best paddle board for women.

SUP Construction

Women can opt for inflatable SUPs, soft SUPs, or Epoxy or hard SUPs. Inflatables are manufactured using quality PVC and drop stich material to guarantee rigidity and durability. These inflatable boards are ideal for women who travel often, lack adequate storage, paddle mainly on flat water, and want to enjoy SUP yoga or paddle with pets and friends.

Hard/epoxy SUPs are constructed using of EPS foam, many layers of epoxy resin and fiberglass. These hard boards are perfect for women who have adequate storage space, want to explore SUP surf and SUP racing, want top-notch performance, and paddle on both flat water and ocean water.

Soft top SUPs have an epoxy core and an outer softer shell. The soft top layer and durability of the board makes it perfect for families. This is a great choice for women who are on a budget, beginners, plan on bringing their pets on board, have a lake house, or want to introduce their children to SUP.

Where are you Planning to SUP?

The type of water will influence the type of Honu stand up paddle board you will choose as a woman. If you plan on paddling on the ocean water, an epoxy or hard board is a perfect choice. This is because you can maintain a straight path on the choppy waters owing to their rigidity and strength. Inflatables can also be paddled on ocean waters but they will not perform as well as the hard SUPs. For flat water conditions such as harbors, lakes, bay, or other calm spots, you can pick any SUP. Inflatable SUPs are ideal for flatwater since they are durable, easy to transport, and even store.

SUP Skill Level

As your SUP skills develop, your board preferences will also change. More advanced paddlers tend to prefer the extra narrow or extra-long SUPs if their hobbies call for this. Additionally, the hardcore paddlers will opt for hardboards, which can be challenging for beginners to maneuver around. However, hard boards are perfect for SUP racing and surfing. As your skill levels become more advanced, you should never be afraid of trying out new activities on your inflatable paddle board such as touring, fishing, and SUP yoga.

SUP is a great water sport for every individual whether man or woman since everyone is equal on the water. For women, standup paddle boarding is a perfect way of getting some fresh air, enjoying a great body workout, and building lifelong friendships with other paddlers. However, women need to choose the right paddle board if they want to enjoy this water sport. Once you figure out the above-mentioned things, you can choose to go for an inflatable SUP, a hard SUP, or a soft top SUP. Keep in mind that women can still paddle all these boards, so your choice will depend on your preferences and lifestyle. At, you can get the best inflatable SUPs.