Importance of MRET Technology in Saving Human Life Style

We live in a culture of chronic disease. Illnesses such as chronic fatigue syndrome, inflammatory infections like psoriasis, mental health disorders, and cancer run rampant throughout our society. Are humans so fragile that we succumb to one form of condition after another? Or is something else causing all of these problems?

Scientists like Dr. Igor Smirnov believe something else is provoking it. He argues that while we are bombarded with harmful electromagnetic radiation daily, we also fail to provide our bodies with the required hydration. On the one hand, we are straining our bodies, and on the other hand, we are attacking ourselves with dangerous electropollution. It’s the perfect storm for the evolution of the chronic disease.

Perhaps it is ironic that the devastating catastrophe of Chernobyl, which took such considerable lives, led to the discovery of life-enhancing MRET innovation.

When a nuclear plant in Chernobyl heated down in April 1986, the radiation fallout polluted certain areas in Ukraine. Some of the resultant unfavorable effects on health include:

  •   There was a significant increase (of about 10 times) in Thyroid cancer from 1986-1990 compared to the previous 5 years.
  •   A doubling of Leukemia incidence among the most highly exposed.
  •   Demographic signs in ‘contaminated’ areas suggest that these areas are now experiencing a decline in the birth rate.

Following the catastrophe at Chernobyl power plant, the scientist Igor Smirnov, Ph.D., with his investigative team, studied the practical health effects of mountain spring waters on people sorrowing from radiation diseases. They figured out that one group of patients encountering rehabilitation in the health care facility in the area of mountain springs had significant health advancement. However, thousands of others did not have good outcomes.

Dr. Smirnov studied the spring water in this site and finally found out that this spring water had specific long-range strong molecular structuring. This was the seed from which grew one of the most innovative Molecular Resonance Effect technologies was invented by Igor Smirnov, Ph.D.

Profound Impact On All Liquids

The unusual activation process allows the effects on any liquid, not just water. The process can extend the taste of juices, milk, wines, and even oils.

MRET can be operated for the following:

  •   Brew more aromatic tea and coffee
  •   Boil tastier soup
  •   Boil healthier food
  •   Improve the taste of fried food using MRET-activated oil
  •   Eliminate appaling critical flavors in juices
  •   Wash meat and vegetables with emphatic germicidal impacts
  •   Hydrate the skin and refine the skin’s condition
  •   Cleanse wounds
  •   Sterilize infected skin
  •   Relieve nappy rash
  •   Grow healthier plants
  •   Grow fresher and longer-lasting flowers

The Science behind the Technology

Distinctive properties and benefits of MRET-activated water based on research outcomes in animal models and in vitro.

  •   Aids in encouraging healthy intestinal flora.
  •   Improves the natural immune response, including the characteristics of natural resistance of the body against the penetration and replica of bacteria, viruses, and other pathogenic microorganisms, such as phagocytosis, thus strengthening the body’s opposition to infections.
  •   MRET water improves the morphology of red blood cells and favors the process of rebounding of white blood cells.