Inflammation and what are the five classic signs

Inflammation is a condition that causes the body to react to a threat and occurs when the body’s white blood cells seek to protect the body from invasion. Inflammation may be a result of injury, disease, or bacterial infection.

It may be acute (short-lived) or chronic (long-lasting). In acute inflammation,  symptoms may last up to several hours. In the case of chronic inflammation, symptoms may last from a few days up to several months. 

The five symptoms of inflammation

Inflammation is evident when these five symptoms are present:


Areas of the body that are inflamed become red. This is as a result of blood vessels in the inflamed area being filled with more blood.


Individuals may experience pain from inflammation because nerve endings are stimulated by inflammatory chemicals. This process may make the inflamed area feel more sensitive. 

Pain extends to pain in the joints and/or muscles. Chronic patients experience higher levels of pain and sensitivity in inflamed areas. 


Patients may notice that inflamed areas seem warm to the touch. That is because there is more blood flow to these areas. In addition, when the whole body is inflamed, it may cause chills and fever as a response to combat the threat.


It is common for swelling to occur as a result of injuries. Swelling does also occur in areas of the body that are affected by inflammation. This is because more fluids accumulate in those areas. 

Loss of function

This happens as a result of Cytokines being released into the blood stream. This results in vascular permeability. 


Treatment may include non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). In cases of inflammatory bowel disease, studies reveal that natural products such as CBG or CBG tincture products, CBD, or other CBD products may offer relief from inflammation.