More Hero motorcycle models to know about

If you are a bike or motorcycle lover living in India, you will definitely know about the Hero brand and the MotoCorp company as well. There are so many people who use motorcycles today. This is because it helps to make their movements smooth and also helps to push them to a higher level where commuting is concerned. No matter where you are, you need to know that knowing about the different Hero Motorcycle models can help make your choices clearer and easier. Not knowing about these models will mean you buy the very first type you see. That doesn’t help at all.

Info on some of these models

  1. The Hero HF Deluxe. This is one of the finest entry-level motorcycles of the brand currently available and is very popular. It has a high fuel efficiency feature, and this makes it worth owning. These bikes come with a 97.2 cc four-stroke and an air-cooled, single-cylinder engine. This engine is capable of reaching 6.15 kW of peak power in addition to its 8.05 HM turning power. This always helps to ensure the right Hero motorcycle models are made the most of or chosen accordingly as they should be.
  2. The Hero Glamour. This is one of Hero Bike’s mid-sized bikes. It provides bikers with the very best of both worlds. That is, bikers get to experience a strong performance, including the best fuel efficiency levels. It has a very stylish appearance and has a refined engine. All these and more help to make it a bike that will always be loved by bikers.
  3. Hero Passion Pro. The brand new Passion Pro succeeds the Hero Passion. This seems to be another story from Hero that went well. This new version of the Hero Passion comes with the right features and carries on the Hero motorcycle legacy well. It also comes with a strong engine and torque, including the i3S start-stop feature of the company. For better stability, it also comes with an integrated braking system.
  4. The Hero Pleasure. This type is clearly the fun package that was made for all young bikers with a young biking mentality too. Since bikes are used for different purposes today, this bike was made with female buyers as the target. So, when you see these bikes, you will see that they come in different colours, in addition to having a zippy and light drive. These features make them ideal for commuting.
  5. The Hero Duet. This is another scooter that has been powered and designed to provide or offer the right fuel efficiency and performance for bikers. Also, its light design makes it very popular to add to everything. Its unique features make this Hero motorcycle easy to handle. Due to this, riders can ride them in narrow by-lanes and on crowded streets with ease. This indeed makes commuting freely possible, and that makes it the best.
  6. The Hero Passion Xpro. This new model offers bikers an amazing performance and fuel-saving balance. Even with these two important features, it is still not overly priced. One thing that will capture you first with this bike is its flowing look, including its elegant graphics. It has been designed with the right power too, and you will love it.


You should choose to make the most of a Hero motorcycle with the aim of achieving its true worth. Being able to value and understand the different models will help you spend wisely.