Ranoh Island: The Newest Tourist Attraction in Batam

Maybe you’ve heard of Ranoh beach or Ranoh island in Batam? Some people may still be unfamiliar with this island among Batam, especially if you are from overseas. Previously, this island was uninhabited and had an organic beach located on an island with the same title as the beach, Ranoh Island. After several months of being closed to people, Ranoh beach reopened, and the owner named it Adventure Ranoh Island.

For those who have been on our ski trip to Pulau Abang before the end of 2017, then we must stop by this island before Ranoh Island closes. Even though there are no beach facilities, this beach is already amazing with its naturalness. With the new name Adventure Ranoh Island, this island is back with hotel facilities that make it more relaxing and beautiful.

Ranoh Beach, located on Ranoh Island. This island remains one ocean with Abang Island. More importantly, this small island is located right between the seas of Abang Besar and Pulau Abang Kecil, a stark contrast between the two. With its location in the middle between the two islands, which makes this island filled with calm seawater, the waves are arranged. The beach has its snorkeling spot before the island. Coral reefs are not that unique, but many clownfish known as nemo fish make their nests. It is very attractive for tourists.

How to Reach Ranoh Island

Ranoh Beach, or Ranoh Island, under the management of Adventure Ranoh Island, is approximately 75 minutes from Batam Center, or about 90 minutes from Nagoya.

The trip is divided into two visits both sea, and land. Road trips can be made by private vehicle with public transport, with almost no choice but to be tourist-friendly.

It should be mentioned that public transportation is not necessarily available, at least when this informative post was written and improved in January 2019. There is 1 type of public car entitled “KANDAP” using the route starting from SP Plaza Batuaji, finishing at PT Pari Port Bridge 6 Barelang. This Kandap transportation does not have a fixed program, so it is not recommended for tourists to choose this kind of transportation.

Next is your Damri bus, which sometimes also has an unclear program even though this bus comes to the authorities. And Damri did not immediately reach Galang Baru. So the result is, to visit Ranoh Island for tourists, it is highly recommended to use a private vehicle by rental or use the services of a travel agent who usually adds transportation in their Adventure Ranoh Island package.

The road trip will take a maximum of 60 minutes. At first glance, it looks like a long journey, but ou can enjoy very beautiful scenery along the way. In addition, you can pass the entire Barelang bridge collection, which has a total of 6 bridges connecting the islands in Batam, from Batam island to Galang Baru Island.

The road trip will end at the Labun Island hole. When this post was first written, the Adventure Ranoh Island interface was under construction, so the hole used to cross to Ranoh Island still uses the hole at Labun Island Resort.

Then, the journey continues by speedboat for approximately 15 minutes in the ventilation. For those of you who are afraid of the sea, there is no need to worry, because the waves in this area are not too big and relatively calm. In addition, every guest must wear a life jacket on the speedboat trip, which will add to your level of assurance, right? There are only two types of fast boats used to visit Ranoh Island, namely large fast ships with a maximum capacity of 75 people and small, fast boats with 15 people.

Well, to note, to visit Ranoh Island, you can’t just walk or enter. A reservation at least one day in advance is required to find the verification code or booking. Without it, we can’t get to the pier. Ranoh Island Adventure Bundles can be obtained through travel agents or even directly through Enjoy Batam.

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