Several Popular Prohibited Drugs and Their Dangerous Impact on Human Body

A drug modifies how the body works. However, if a drug is labeled as “illegal,” this indicates that it is prohibited by law. People who use illegal drugs experience various effects, and these effects are influenced by a variety of factors. They become unpredictable and dangerous, particularly young generations like college adults or teens who’re energetic, and hot-blooded, always.

In the last few decades, the most widely used illegal drugs in the United States have caused an epidemic, spurring the creation of legislation and recovery programs to attempt to address the issue. Unfortunately, the rates are alarming and there is currently no effective method to end dependence.

This is the reason why a group of people founded the organization/community Detox To Rehab based on the statistics on overdose deaths 2020. This community helps people find rehab and professional assistance for themselves or their loved ones. The community consists of those who have been through this phase as a victim. They provide informational guides, forums, and videos to help people understand the consequences of an illegal drug overdose. 

Knowing which drugs are the most illegal and their effects, can be the beginning of a good prevention strategy. Here is the list of the top 10 illegal drugs and their impact on the human body –

Cannabis –

Slows response times, induces euphoria, and relaxation, and increases appetite. 

Heroin –

Slow breathing, drowsiness, euphoria, and diminished coordination.

Cocaine –

Causing nasal damage, elevated blood pressure and heart rate, and heightened vigilance and energy.

Methamphetamine –

This can lead to serious dental issues, elevated heart and blood pressure, nervousness, and heightened mental alertness.


Can disrupt sleep, depress, impair memory, and cause addiction in addition to increasing tactile awareness and lowering inhibition.

Ketamine –

This drug can make you delirious, impede your memory, and make you feel like you’re floating above your body.


This drug can cause hallucination, an altered state of perception, and a rise in body temperature and heart rate.

Steroids –

Although they don’t cause drunkenness, steroids can change blood pressure, lead to blood clots, and cause liver cysts.

Inhalants –

Depending on the chemical, these substances can cause people to experience muscle cramps, depression, and memory loss as well as stimulation and lack of inhibition.

PCP and Analogs –

Cause psychosis, aggression, and violence in addition to nervousness, tremors, and numbness.

A wise decision would be to educate your kids about this. Upon seeing any sign, contact emergency assistance.