Stimulate your G spot with Magic Wand Plus

Magic Wand is, as its name says, magical massager. But now, Magic Wand Plus is available! Powerful wand massager is extremely good and strong massager and everyone who used it would say this for sure. It has an extremely strong vibration, which will completely blow your mind. There are various speeds and styles you can try. Just like any wand massager, it is primarily intended to stimulate the clitoris. Wand vibrator is compact and fits perfectly in the hand. You can easily reach the G spot which makes whole experience more pleasurable in a whole new way.  There are three extensions which are made of soft silicone.

Is Magic Wand Plus good for beginners?

Magic Wand is the most popular choice for the first sex toy for beginners and also the ideal choice for couples. These wand vibrators are made for pleasure. Big size of Magic Wand provides direct clitoral stimulation. Wand massager is ideal for use when you are alone or with someone. Wand vibrators got their name because orgasm with this type of massager resembles a magic. It can provide external stimulation during penetration with a partner.

These vibrators are usually used in your own bedroom. They often have an adjustable vibration ranging from weak to intense. The price range for these vibrators goes from extremely affordable to more expensive models. G spot stimulation is associated with female ejaculation. They come with several different speed settings and functions for intense external stimulation. When it comes to sex toys, it’s all about vibrations and intensity. You can reach an orgasm in less than a minute.

Don‘t be shy to buy a sex toy


We can agree that buying a sex toy can be a bit scary, but we live in a 21th century, people are free to do whatever they want. Sex toy is not a taboo anymore, both women and men can buy themselves at least one sex toy so they can have a great time with their loved ones or when they are alone and horny. Some sex toys can provide orgasms, some sex toys simply can’t. But, according to many research and studies, Magic Wand Plus can definitely give you the big O, not only once, but every single time. Also, you must now that sex toys are durable, they cannot get tired and they can do what they suppose to do all night long.