The Importance Of Belt Alignment & Calibration Services

In your operation, suppose you lean on moving machinery. You’ll be interested in how laser technology can help you shield the integrity of your investments while also raising output and dropping costs. The Easy LaserTM line of laser alignment instruments supplied from Benchmark PDM has established the industry standard for maintaining machinery aligned to specified tolerances worldwide. This breakthrough technology isn’t just for huge industry players who transport tons and tons of products along their conveyors daily; small businesses will uncover that these machines quickly pay for themselves in cost savings. Readjusting belt alignment enhances the life of devices and lowers energy consumption by boosting efficiency and reducing wear. In addition, a pulley alignment laser tool facilitates discovering vertical, horizontal and angular misalignment considerably easier and faster than using your eyes or a straight edge. Our laser belt alignment instruments are also simple and pay for themselves in months.

What Are The Tools Required To Align A Belt?

Belt alignment is accomplished using two methods on rotating machinery. The cutting-edge technique uses mechanical equipment such as a feeler gauge, straightedge, tape measure, string, wire, cone, or spirit level. A modern approach combines pulley alignment with laser technology to take constant, precise readings. A laser pulley belt alignment tool makes detecting misalignment easier and maximizes measurement efficiency.

What Is the Importance of Pulley Alignment?

Pulley alignment is essential because a misaligned pulley puts additional strain on machinery. Furthermore, laser pulley alignment extends the belt and bearings’ life and reduces vibration, energy consumption, and noise.

The Advantages of Laser Alignment for Belt Alignment

It’s easier to read a laser pulley alignment tool, improving alignment precision. Furthermore, accurate belt alignment significantly extends machine life and reduces power usage by decreasing belt wear and enhancing asset performance.

So, Why Exactly Is Proper Belt Alignment So Important?

Below are some of the issues that might develop if belts are out of whack, even by a small amount:

  • Excessive vibrations
  • Seals that leak
  • Premature wear
  • Failure of a bearing
  • Increased energy usage
  • Breakdowns in equipment
  • Unexpected, costly maintenance and downtime
  • Losses and delays in production
  • Unpleasant and boisterous working environment

Transmissions with several belts or many broad, wider belts are predisposed to misalignment problems. If all belts are not propelled equally or if tension exists between the outer and inner belts, the machine’s productivity will be harmed, and as soon as one belt wears out, all of the belts will need to be replaced in higher expenditures. Misalignments affect sheaves and pulleys as well. Unlike traditional systems that rely on human operation with string or rulers, this simple-to-use yet sophisticated equipment employs powerful laser beams to precisely compute the alignment of pulleys, stringers, belts, conveyors, idlers, and other components. The system saves the information and generates a detailed report with all necessary corrections.

The Easy-Laser is also notable because it provides offset value and live digital read-off of angles (with distinct display units available for specific models), allowing personnel to assess data quickly, discover abnormalities, and return the equipment to full performance. Digital readings are also more precise.

Take a look at the other piece of cutting-edge technology that you may not be aware of. It’s a wireless digital belt sheave laser alignment tool, pulleys, or chain sprockets called the XT190. Our goal is to ensure that our customers’ machine assets perform at their best. 

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