Things You Need To Know Before Opting For Nose Osteotomy

Everyone needs a perfect face with perfect features. Having a perfect nose is just a dream for many people. The maximum number of people is dissatisfied with their nose’s shape and size. Some have had problems with shape and size since birth. And others might have faced an injury or accident that damaged the shape or size of their nose. Having a perfect nose shape helps to build a person’s self-esteem and self-confidence.

So for such cases, when you want to improve the structure of your nose, you go for a nose rhinoplasty.

What Is Nose Osteotomy?

The term nose osteotomy (เสริม จมูก ตอก ฐาน, which is the term in Thai) is a surgical procedure of resharpening the nose of a person. The process involves breaking the nose with the help of a tool named an osteotome. The procedure is very precise and subtle, and a professional surgeon carries it out at the clinic.

Difference Between Nose Osteotomy & Traditional Surgery

Nose osteotomy is altering the position of the bones of the nose. At the same time, traditional rhinoplasty surgery refers to resharpening the nose by changing its size or shape.

Osteotomy of the nose is for the person having a nose fracture or facing any sought of accident or injury in the nose. Because the fracture disturbs the positioning of the nose by damaging or changing the nose’s bone position, this can only be fixed with the help of osteotomy of the nose and not with traditional rhinoplasty surgery.

Types Of Osteotomy Nose

  • External Osteotomy Rhinoplasty This may aid in lowering the danger of airway restriction and lateral wall rupture.
  • Medial Osteotomy Rhinoplasty The procedure involves changing the nose’s appearance by either narrowing it or elongating it. It also helps in various types of cosmetic surgery of the nose.
  • Reverse Osteotomy Rhinoplasty This surgery refers to widening the nose.
  • Lateral Osteotomy Rhinoplasty It requires a breaking of the nose and temporal bones of the patient to narrow or broaden the base of the nose.

Risks Associated With Nose Osteotomy

There is certain kind of risks involved in the surgery of the nose, which are

  • Nose infection after the surgery
  • The patient might feel difficulty breathing after the surgery
  • The healing of the wound might take longer as it depends on patient to patient
  • There is a possibility of creating a hole in the septum of the nose
  • The patient might go through skin discoloration at the place of nasal surgery.