Travestis Madrid Are Professionals In The Art Of Face Sitting

Travestis Madrid excels at many things, but when it comes to face sitting, they are without a doubt the best. Many people believe that sitting on someone’s face is simple, but there is more to it than simply being motionless and letting the person beneath you do whatever they want. That being stated, these are the reasons why Travestis Madrid, are the finest face sitters.

They were given extremely attractive figures

You wouldn’t want someone unattractive sitting on your face, would you? That’s exactly what I was thinking. Travestis Madrid are some of the sexiest ladies available for hire in the escort industry, and just looking at their photos makes you want to kiss them. Many people believe that because they have a dick, them sitting on your face will ruin the experience, but it really improves it. For starters, if you want to bring pleasure to their cock, you won’t have to bend your neck as much because they can either teabag you or fuck your throat.

These flowers have a wonderful scent

Being an escort is all about establishing an impression, and there’s a slim possibility that when you pick up a stunning female beauty at the bar, she’ll be clean at the time, and that she’ll smell wonderful when she’s sitting on your face later that night. When you hire a TS escort to sit on your face, she will ensure that you have the finest possible experience, and she will, of course, appreciate your performance as well. Many prostitutes will use flavoured lube on their asses to make things more appealing to you.

The moves were perfected by the Madrid escorts

Not everyone is capable of correctly moving the hips and teasing with specialised motion. However, because trans escorts’ bodies are so kinky, they can move in unusual ways, and as a result, they can move their lower body like no one else, making the face sitting experience utterly wonderful. Their adaptability is quite surprising, as face sitting sessions can easily turn into a 69.