What Are Triple Eyelids, And What Are Its Causes?c

Looking around, you’ll see that most people have one crease across their upper and lower eyelids that frame their eyes.

Some people develop a third “Triple” fold at the edge of their upper eyelid. Please continue reading to learn more about what is triple eyelids (ตาสามชั้นเป็นแบบไหน, which is the term in Thai) and their causes.

Triple Eyelids: What Is It?

The eyelid crease consists of the skin and muscle between the brow and the eye. Skin and muscle in the eye orbit come together to form the crease that keeps the upper eyelid up. As the single primary eyelid fold develops into two or more folds, a triple eyelid results. This issue may occur without any warning.

Causes Of Triple Eyelids

  • Skin Elasticity Declines With Growing Age

The most common factor of Triple eyelids is a person’s growing age. Patients over 60 are more likely to have a triple eyelid than those in their twenties.

  • Adhesions Of Damaged Tissue

Eyelid surgery, also known as Blepharoplasty, can cause two to three creases in the eyelid. When a surgeon removes too much upper eyelid flap, scar tissue might thicken or attach to the surrounding tissue. It may cause a wrinkle in the upper eyelid in addition to the artificially generated one.

  • Low Body Fat

Regardless of other causes, an inadequate supply of fat can contribute to the formation of a triple eyelid. Decreased body fat might result from aging, injury, or cosmetic surgery. An eyeball that sticks out too far from the socket might also bring on this condition.

  • Edema

When fluid accumulates in the body’s tissues or organs, it’s called Edema. Triple eyelids might develop due to water deposition brought on by inflammation.

  • Culture And Ethnicity

 Lower-lying upper-eyelid folds and increased fat volume along the eyelid edge are more common traits in people of Asian descent. As their skin loses volume and suppleness, they are more likely to develop triple eyelid creases.

  • A Distinction In Skin Thickness And Color

 Extra creases around the eyes may form more easily on people with lighter skin and thinner eyelids.

  • Excessive Use Of Contract Lenses

It mainly happens with the older group of people; muscles in this area get weak by wearing contact lenses for extended periods.

Are Triple Eyelids Cures Naturally?

Triple eyelids often cannot be treated medically and require surgical correction.  Nonsurgical brow lifts, Lipofilling, and RF therapy are just a few less painful procedures that effectively reverse the problem.