Why buy wild-caught salmon? 

Are you conscious about your health? Do you wish to incorporate healthy meals into your lifestyle? Well, you might want to add some healthy fatty fish like salmon. Too many carbohydrates and fats are bad for you, but with a balanced diet, you can achieve your weight loss goals. 

How about grilled salmon on a bed of vegetables and mashed potatoes? You can skip the potato and enjoy some couscous or brown rice with it. Feel free to make all kinds of salmon dishes. It is healthy for the heart and doctors believe fish helps in increasing life expectancy. 

Salmon is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, but you need to buy the right kind to reap the benefits. Instead of choosing farmed salmon, you can start eating wild-caught salmon. What’s the difference? Why should you buy wild-caught salmon? 

Well, here’s an article that highlights the differences. Let’s dive in! 

Farmed Salmon V/s Wild-Caught Salmon – The Difference 

Farmed salmon are raised in crowded pens. It increases the chances of healthy salmon getting lice. Environmentalists don’t like the idea of eating or endorsing farmed salmon. The Atlantic salmon that you get in the market is not a personal favorite of environmentalists. 

However, wild-caught salmon is Mother Nature’s blessing. If you compare the two, you will find wild salmon has more minerals including iron and calcium. 

As per research, farmed salmon may be higher in fat. Please know that wild-caught fresh salmon and farm salmon ingest contaminants. Whether it’s in freshwater or a farm, they are still going to ingest contaminants. However, research says that farmed salmon has more contaminants as compared to fresh wild-caught salmon. 

Let’s not forget that farmed salmon comes into contact with antibiotics as well. The use of antibiotics is unregulated and irresponsible on many levels. 

Thus, wild-caught salmon is the best bet for fish lovers. 

High on taste and texture 

Sockeye wild-caught salmon happens to be the tastiest out there. It’s dark red in color and cooks beautifully on a grill. 

You can grill it and serve it up with some braised veggies. 

Wild-caught salmon has various health benefits that you can reap. Feel free to order it from a reliable store like Papa Earth. 

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