Why The Building Industry Requires Quantity Surveying Services?

When it comes to industries like construction and engineering, the ability to seek expert advice is key because there are so many aspects that need to be taken into consideration in order for your business’ methods and procedures to run as smoothly as possible. Measuring costs and other variables relating directly to your business can be a challenge if you try doing this in-house; it’s hard to remain objective when there is “home-grown” interest.

Cost Plan Preparation

In order to prepare a cost plan, you must first determine what your options are in terms of the various choices you’ll need to make. The three important factors are the scope of work and construction materials, which should be clear upon reviewing the contract documents and specifications.

Identifying your potential building methods will ensure that your proposed plan doesn’t deviate from the contractor’s expectations. You also must take into account your team members who will manage this project as they’ll also play a major role in how you conduct business and gather information needed to complete this project having an accurate budget in place expeditiously.

Keeping Track Of Project Process

Project management can be strenuous and time-consuming, but your product requires strong plans if you have any interest in bringing it to fruition. We suggest measuring the area of concern to get an idea of the spatial coverage required by different dimensions at once. Measurements might include how much area, how many square yards or metres are needed, which could vary depending on factors like: material choices; height required; slope of land; proximity to water bodies; and the degree of oversight afforded by others.

Organise Tenders

There are times when the calling of tenders can be daunting, but you have to remain persistent. Especially when the scope of work is large. The key to winning a tender bid is creating a clear picture of what’s needed, envisioning it and making sure that your team has all the resources they need to carry out the work.

Managing Construction Risk

In the early stages of construction, most of the work is done and a high overall quality level (QLAB) is often achieved. But when a building is complete, its QLAB deteriorates because it’s not essential to such an extent any more. Construction projects are always risky affairs: they involve design risks, as well as those associated with different companies involved in the construction process and materials to be used.

These risk management issues must be managed in order to obtain the best possible value for your client by tackling them early on instead of letting them come back to haunt you later on!


For this purpose, quantity surveying services provide the perfect solution. Quantity surveyors are equipped with industrial knowledge and can provide advice on a variety of project requirements, making sure that costs are minimised while ensuring great value for the project. The services cover a wide range of discussions like cost planning, contracting advice and financial management as well as facilities management insurance discussion to list some.