Wrist Sprain: 5 Tips for Keeping Your Hands Healthy as an Office Worker 

Working all day long can take a toll on your hand health. Office workers must type in front of their computers for eight hours. You may not notice it, but working without breaks can lead to a wrist sprain. As you do your job, you may forget about your well-being. Therefore you need to look after your hand health by attending a hand surgeon.

Once you attend a hand surgeon, you can ask them about how to protect your health from damage. They can give you simple tips for protecting your hand while doing your job. So, here’s how you can be responsible with your hands while typing in front of a computer.

1. Give Your Hands a Rest

Sometimes, you may forget to give your hands a rest because you have many tasks. However, giving your hands a break can prevent wrist sprain and other diseases. You can stop typing for five minutes and lie down in bed in the meantime. It can also help your eyes from too much computer screen exposure. You can balance work and rest as you give your hands a break.

2. Remove Sharp Objects Around the Work Space

You can also remove sharp objects to prevent wounds when setting up your workspace. For this reason, you can keep your hands free from accidents and avoid having expensive hand surgery in Singapore. Although hand surgery is a safe procedure, ensure you prevent it due to unforeseen accidents.

3. Schedule a Regular Doctor Consultation

Also, you can schedule a regular doctor consultation to look after your hands’ health. You can choose between a male or female hand surgeon depending on who will feel more comfortable. After all, some diseases may be exclusive to one gender. So, pick a doctor that will be reliable for your health.

4. Follow a Hand Care Routine

You can also follow a hand care routine, like applying moisturisers or attending massage therapy to keep your hands healthy. In doing so, you can prevent diseases like a ganglion cyst in Singapore. Remember developing a healthy mindset can improve your attitude towards your hands and overall well-being.

5. Proper Hand Typing Position

Finally, don’t forget to practise a proper hand typing position when working in front of a computer. Your keyboard should allow your elbows to bend for at least 90 degrees to achieve a correct position. You can also use typing supports for your hands to avoid wrist sprain.

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